In conversation with 19oh7 | Women’s Clothing

19oh7 New Collection

In conversation with 19oh7 | Women’s Clothing

Welcome to 19oh7 – the brand that brings you Western women’s clothing with Eastern and Oriental inspirations.


This latest craze in the UK fashion scene procures best quality textiles from Pakistan, the world’s textile hub, creates designs and cuts suited to passionate fashionistas.

As part of our Meet our Team series, we’re talking to and getting inspired by the visionary folks that have created the debut collection.

@Salman Mohayuddin Riaz: Founder and Executive Director

CEO 19oh7Salman is the epitome of passion and brains. Sheffield-educated, hardworking and humble, Salman, affectionately known as Sal, is the next business savvy entrepreneur you need to know.

What inspired 19oh7?

I wanted to create products that make you love your wardrobe, makes one feel special and beautiful – make you change the way you see and feel about yourself. As someone who has been conscious of apparel and colors, I want to help people figure out style, a sense of them, by delivering products and brand with a creative twist while staying true to the Eastern fashion roots I belong to.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity underpins the entire design and production process for 19oh7. Its real, necessary and gives one that ownership on the outputs.

What mantra do you live by?

Everything is possible, just don’t give it up!

@Maryam Ilyas: Contributing designer

Maryam Ilyas 19oh7

Fashion and Design graduate & CEO of ‘Red Thread by Maryam’ – Maryam is the ultimate design guru. She has created multiple collections ranging from bridal wear, formal wear, semi formals and pret, over the last 4 years.  We talked to Jill about her work, her life and how she does it all – and well.

What made you interested in fashion?

Creating clothing is the supreme kind of expression because we live our lives wearing it. This is such an important area, that we can understand a person with what he or she prefers to wear.

What inspires your designs?

For me, clothing is all about artistic expression that enables us to sketch into the lives of people and I believe style has to do with the creativity you put into the outfits. The most powerful inspiration comes from an image of people’s personality using the type of clothes they want to wear.

Your advice to budding fashion designers?

Try to work hard and learn from your mistakes. The most important thing in fashion is the material used, detailing the design around the fabric. Always know your basics.

@Riffat Jabeen and Amina Malik: Contributing Designers

 Riffat and Amina are seasoned designers, founder of their clothing brand ‘Carosheeya’, teachers & mothers.

What’s your fashion philosophy?

For us, fashion needs to have a profound purpose, so indigenous designs and styles are key to making our brand. We find balance in making modern clothes that refine historical and indigenous embroidery stitches, cuts, colors & design methods.

How did you overcome challenges in launching your own fashion business?

Challenges go hand-in-hand with success, and that remained the only tune we sang. Never give up, falling down will only make the victory taste sweeter.

What do you think hinders women from achieving their dreams?

When you give up on yourself, anything and everything becomes a hurdle. Be kind to yourselves, your dreams matter.


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