Hitting the right note with THE Black Dress

19oh7 Black Dress Blog

Hitting the right note with THE Black Dress

What do you need in a black dress? 5 elements that make a black dress, perfect for you.

19oh7 Black Dress Blog

A black dress? Sounds like a staple in every wardrobe. As Vogue declared in 1944, “Ten out of ten women have one”. Black dress can be chic and sexy, understated but graceful, comfortable and trendy. I ALWAYS have a black dress for each season, be it linen or cotton, silk or wool, and that quickly becomes the favorite look to wear day and night, for special occasions and definitely when there’s need to dress up. You can go basic with a black dress, add some jewels and heels to make a night look, or some sandals and hats to take it to the comfort lane.


Here are some elements that make a black dress, THE black dress to have:

  • Perfect fit

A size that fits you, and is neither too small nor too large makes a black dress look it has been made just for you. The fit can make all the difference, and makes it number one on our list of things to consider when buying a black dress.

A handy tip is to know the size guide and your size to select the most customable size option. Where possible, check the size in store before placing an order.

  • Fabric choice

While a black dress can keep you company in fall and winter; spring and summer, selecting the right fabric for the season and for your body type is key to making the desired look work. For an evening dress, a form fitting snug fabric can work well, for day looks especially in professional settings, black dresses that are made from fabrics that crease less will give that clean and polished look that can get you in the business mode.

  • The X factor

The ‘oomph’ or X factor makes or breaks a shopper’s decision. Whether you are shopping for a casual streetwear, semi-formal dress or a formal suit, elements that take it to the next level will make the dress more visually appealing. Embellishments, bedazzles, cuts or rips can make a simple dress, the dress of the day.


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  • Neckline

Easily the most ignored design aspect when buying a dress is its neckline. High or short, round, square or V-necked, plunging or boat shaped, collar or strapless, the neckline sets the tone for what’s to follow. Needless to say, choosing the neckline that suits ones face and body should be the topmost criterion, followed closely by the type of dress being selected and how it complements and completes the look.

  • The Shade of Black

Although at the end of the list, colour nerds like me would understand this obsession; one has to have the right shade of colour. To a normal human eye, black looks black, but to a colour nerd eye, black can have many shades. I personally know of SIX hues of black. I remember selecting a black shirt for my University’s graduation, it had to be graphite, neither too dark that it clashes with my gown, nor too light that it starts looking grey in pictures, it had to be the right shade of black.

Bonus: Let your heart reign

Fashion isn’t always about logic and aesthetics, sometimes desire should be unchained to rule out fashion choices. Style to impress yourself, and you’ll be amazed by the results!




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  • Areej Reply

    Love it! and agree, I always have a black dress in my wardrobe for each season

    March 4, 2019 at 11:12 am

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