6 Tips On How To Behave On A Date

6 Tips On How To Behave On A Date

Evening Class, I am Professor Cupid and this is Dating 101, Chapter 1: How to behave on a date

So after a week or two of text-flirting you’ve bagged a date and now it’s time to bring your best game forward. First dates are similar to going on a roller coaster ride while zooted. You experience the initial hesitation, then some excitement and finally the “oh shit I’m regretting this” moment before the drop. Your first date can drag you through these same emotions in the same way, and knowing how to behave on a date is crucial to how the date ends

This date might be your future bae so be prepared to slay!

How To Behave On A Date

1. Effort Is Everything

I know that first dates can be boring, but that does not at all mean that you show up looking like you can’t be fagged. Trust me when I say, first impressions count and are very important so dress to impress and make an effort to show that you’re interested. And if you can’t be arsed then you shouldn’t be going anyway. Go hard or Go Home.

The mere idea of putting in effort is exhausting, read about the 9 Signs showing that  You’re Not Putting Enough Effort Into Your Relationship

2. Listen

The key to getting to know your date is listening. Show interest in what they are saying. Make sure you really listen. Don’t just go on talking about yourself all night. Be flirty and fun, don’t forget to make eye contact and look engaged in the conversation. But please don’t start a staring competition.

Bonus Advice: Try the upward down triangle as explained by celebrity dating coach Kezia Noble. Look into each eye and then the lips and repeat.

3. Keep It Light

Keep the conversation light and fun, the conversation should give you a good introduction to your date’s lifestyle and views, DON’T ask them what they’re looking for or if they want to get married or even worse, their mums name.

Don’t talk about all the past relationships and exes that have done you wrong or your political views

Good Conversation Examples: Favourite holiday destination ? What’s your Netflix binge-watch recommendation? What kind of music do you like?

Bad Conversation Examples: Tell me something are you seeing anyone else? What dating apps are you on?

4. Keep Your Phone Away

Getting your phone out on a date is not sexy anywhere in the universe. You don’t want to appear distracted on your date.

Texting Emily back about the dog meme can honestly wait

5. Don’t Get Zonked

Do not go cray cray on all the cocktails and barf in his lap

Easily done but not classy.

6. Honesty is Key

Being honest is the key not only for this but in life. Make your intentions clear at the end of the date. If you didn’t have a good time say so, don’t lead them on by letting them assume you will see them again.

If you had fun at the date, something may come out of it, It not then oh well, remember what Ariana Grande told us, thank u, next.

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  • Hoang Vi Fessenden Reply

    Haha this is cute!

    May 7, 2019 at 1:40 am
  • Rhonda Reply

    Great tips! My husband and I still use some of these when we have date night

    May 7, 2019 at 12:11 pm

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