Top 5 Summer Fashion Items: What to wear in 2019

Top 5 Summer Fashion Items 19oh7

Top 5 Summer Fashion Items: What to wear in 2019

The best thing about the shining sun warming our skins is updating wardrobes for summer! From dresses, to crop tees and of course, jeans, here is a list of Top 5 Summer Fashion Items that are perfect for your summer stash.

1. The Little Black Dress

All you really need to be insta feed ready is a black dress, a great belt and someone to snap the pic.

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This staple wardrobe dress is available for £6 at 19oh7. Does it get more summer-ready than a fresh-to-wear black dress?

19oh7 Basic Cami Dress: Top 5 Summer Fashion Items


























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Want a black dress that changes from a day to night look effortlessly, buy this for £15 at 19oh7


19oh7 Ripped Black Dress: Top 5 Summer Fashion Items


2. Crop Tee

Crop tees are flattering, architectural and work perfectly with everything from pencil skirts to shorts to jeans. These oriental crop tees incorporate multitude of trends in one single look – off-shoulder, round necklines, pastel shades and oriental print.

Shop the black off shoulder crop top and grey crop tee for £12 each

3. The Floral Jeans

Jeans are a year round wardrobe must-have, but these floral jeans can brighten up your summer even more. Black Jeans with hand embroidered floral design. Shop the floral jeans for £20.


4. Choker Dress

Chokers are all the rage this summer, be it bejewelled or stitched to a cool dress.

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This nude, perfect summer choker dress is available at 19oh7 for £12

19oh7 nude choker panelled dress

19oh7 Nude Choker Panelled Dress: Top 5 Summer Fashion Items


5. The Statement of Distressed Bottom

There is so much good stuff happening here but we are falling hard for those jeans.

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Modern but retro distressed boyfriend jeans available at 19oh7 for £20.



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