Met Gala 2019: Top 5 Met Gala Moments | 19oh7

Considered one of the world’s biggest fashion events, The Met Gala is an annual benefit event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for The Costume Institute in New York. To encourage donations from New York’s high society the benefit was first held in 1948. Anna Wintour, the US Vogue editor-in-chief since 1995 has chaired the Met Gala, who enlists other public figures to be her co-chairs. This year the Met Gala 2019 was co-chaired by Serena Williams, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga [...]


6 Tips On How To Behave On A Date

Evening Class, I am Professor Cupid and this is Dating 101, Chapter 1: How to behave on a date So after a week or two of text-flirting you’ve bagged a date and now it’s time to bring your best game forward. First dates are similar to going on a roller coaster ride while zooted. You experience the initial hesitation, then some excitement and finally the “oh shit I’m regretting this” moment before the drop. Your first date can drag you [...]


Ajrak: The pride of Sindh

I was watching television the other night and came across a woman dressed in a gorgeous Ajrak shawl. It took me back to my childhood where a particular style of clothing was the appealing trend. A dark maroon bold and attractive patterned shawl that South Asians would pair with plain white or black dresses.  Appealing to both young and old blood, the classic and timeless pattern was unique. The fabric and its pattern are called Ajrak. First, lets celebrate one [...]

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Hitting the right note with THE Black Dress

What do you need in a black dress? 5 elements that make a black dress, perfect for you. A black dress? Sounds like a staple in every wardrobe. As Vogue declared in 1944, “Ten out of ten women have one”. Black dress can be chic and sexy, understated but graceful, comfortable and trendy. I ALWAYS have a black dress for each season, be it linen or cotton, silk or wool, and that quickly becomes the favorite look to wear day [...]

19oh7 New Collection

In conversation with 19oh7 | Women’s Clothing

Welcome to 19oh7 – the brand that brings you Western women’s clothing with Eastern and Oriental inspirations. https://19oh7.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/9.mp4   This latest craze in the UK fashion scene procures best quality textiles from Pakistan, the world’s textile hub, creates designs and cuts suited to passionate fashionistas. As part of our Meet our Team series, we’re talking to and getting inspired by the visionary folks that have created the debut collection. @Salman Mohayuddin Riaz: Founder and Executive Director Salman is the epitome of passion and brains. Sheffield-educated, [...]